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Here in Russia a perfect dub for SM seasons 1 to 3 was made. Voice actors did an amazing job playing different roles with different voices, and I love them much more than original ones. So, I was literally shocked when I’ve learned that only two people, one for male characters and one for remales (including Haruka), were involved. That’s what I call a professionalism.

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I wish people would stop going on about Usagi’s sex life. She had sex with Mamoru at the end of StarS manga for certain but nothing is certain before that. You can make out without having sex. How about we just have a heroine who represents ALL girls, including ones that hang out with their boyfriends without going all the way? We exist, too. Disney princesses may be virginal till marriage but superheroines? No, most aren’t virgins in their canon. Usagi wouldn’t be the first by a long shot.

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